Heres To The Show Girls
I have some free time over Thanksgiving break to post - SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT !!
thanks for the submission dreams-are-for-achieving !!

thanks for the submission dreams-are-for-achieving !!

My 6 year old Thoroughbred gelding fractured his coffin bone and will be off for 4-6 months. What do you suggest for keeping him from getting bored? He's already a nut case after 4 weeks.

Awh, I’m sorry! I hope he has a quick & healthy recovery! My last show horse got very bored in her stall, even for only one day, so I kept lots of toys in there. She had a jolly ball, a salt lick, and also milk jugs hung up all over. She would go CRAZY with the milk jugs! Is there any way you could break up his daily hay amount into four feedings? This will keep him occupied with his hay longer throughout the day. And of course you being there with him (brushing him, etc.) will help keep him occupied! Good luck! It’s not an easy thing to do.

Does anyone else have any tips for her?